Coal in Pennsylvania

Coal has a long history in Pennsylvania dating back to the mid-18th century and it remains a crucial energy resource in the Commonwealth today.

Nationally, Pennsylvania is the fourth leading coal-producing state – its 2013 production totaled 67 million tons. Most of this output, about 58 million tons or 90 percent of the total production, comes from bituminous mines located in western Pennsylvania; including 46 underground mines and 270 surface mines and reprocessing sites.


Coal accounts for 40 percent of Pennsylvania’s electricity and 39 percent of the electricity in the United States. Its abundance and ability to provide a baseload supply of electricity allows for a stable and predictable market, keeping rates low for consumers. More than 80% of the coal produced in the Commonwealth is steam coal for the direct use of electricity.

The 2.4 million low-income and middle-income families in Pennsylvania -- almost 50% of the state’s households - - spend 19% of their after-tax income on energy.


Manufacturers, including producers of products such as steel, cement and transportation fuels do business and pay taxes in Pennsylvania because coal-based power plants provide low-cost electricity.

Annually, the coal industry contributes $4.5 billion to the state’s economy and many counties in the state rely heavily on the taxes generated to support their schools, towns and infrastructure.

The coal industry provides family-sustaining jobs with salaries that pay tens of thousands of dollars

more than the median income in the counties in which they operate. For every direct coal job, another 1.6 jobs are needed to support it.

You can download the Pennsylvania Coal Fact Sheet here.

The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance (PCA) is committed to promoting and advancing the Pennsylvania coal industry and the economic and social benefit to the employees, businesses, communities, and consumers who depend on affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean energy from coal. Currently, PCA represents 310 companies and over 90% of the bituminous mining industry.