Senate Bill 936 House Bill 18
Amends the Workers' Compensation Act 

Senate Bill 936, authored by Senator Don White, and House Bill 18, authored by Representative Ryan Mackenzie seek to improve Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system and outcome for injured workers by implementing a prescription drug formulary to streamline medication prescriptions and help patients avoid overuse while ensuring the quality of outside entities tasked with evaluating treatment decisions.


Common in other state workers’ compensation systems and healthcare in general is utilization of a drug formulary, which organizes medication based on FDA approval status, medical evidence and clinical research. This approach has helped states address overuse of and addiction to prescription drugs among injured workers. For example, Ohio implemented its formulary in 2011 and by 2014 the number of opioid prescriptions had declined by 38 percent and the number of workers’ compensation patients considered opioid dependent was reduced by half.  


Both bills would improve outcomes for injured workers and continue to combat the prescription drug and opioid epidemic.   







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