"Everyone's talking about gas, but we also have coal," he said. "We've got to make sure coal is relevant in this new age we're entering into. We have to make sure we take advantage of our fresh water resources, our timber and our open space."


- Gov. Wolf Acceptance Speech

   Pennlive 11/4/14 

'[In 2011, the Pennsylvania coal industry provided $1.12 billion to the state budget for the general fund. 


-- Pennsylvania Economy League of
   Greater Pittsburgh



The impact of coal on Pennsylvania’s economy is tremendous. The industry provides approximately 18,000 jobs. Coal mining average wages are about $30,000 higher than the average of Pennsylvania private sector jobs. But it doesn’t end there.


Coal produces energy for manufacturing, industrial and business applications plentiful and affordable. Lower overhead means that Pennsylvania manufacturers and businesses can charge less for their products and services. Consumers benefit in two ways: They pay less for their own electricity, and they pay less for the other things they buy.



Throughout Pennsylvania, in every major city and every small town, coal fulfills our power needs and fuels our economy. It’s a resource we rely on, and one we can’t afford to lose.


With coal accounting for 30% of the electricity nationwide it is clear that we rely on coal for affordable and reliable electricity. We are fortunate to have an abundance of this domestic resource right here in Pennsylvania, establishing us as a leader in energy independence. 





"People need to know how many depend on these coal plants for their very existence. Coal plants have provided good pay for me [and] my family. This country needs coal.”


- Mark S.

  Pennsylvania Boilermaker

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