Act 175 of 2014
House Bill 2354 "PA Greenhouse Gas Regulation Implementation Act"

H.B. 2354, an Act requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to receive approval from the General Assembly for a State plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions for existing stationary sources prior to submitting the State plan to the United States Environmental Protection Agency for approval. passed the House (144-59) and Senate (31-17) and was signed into law by Gov. Tom Corbett in October 2014. 


This unique piece of legislation, authored by Rep. Pam Snyder (D-Fayette/Greene/Washington) was critical as EPA’s Clean Power Plan is as much environmental regulation as it is a state energy policy. The state’s compliance with the proposed plan will profoundly impact the generation, use, cost and availability of Pennsylvania’s electric supply in 2020 and beyond.


The foundation of this bill is a process of hearings that will allow for full participation by all parties; academic, scientific, economic and governmental regulators. This will provide the necessary broad perspective to ensure that economic and energy-related questions are answered in a comprehensive manner.




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