November 19, 2019

Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvania Coal Alliance Executive Director Rachel Gleason today issued the following statement regarding the introduction of two bills requiring legislative approval for Governor Tom Wolf’s desire for the Commonwealth to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):

“Representing the 18,000 coal-related jobs within Pennsylvania, the PA Coal Alliance applauds the over 75 Pennsylvania state legislators who are sponsoring legislation that defines a process that will determine whether joining RGGI is in the best interest of our Commonwealth.  

If RGGI is implemented in Pennsylvania, it would eliminate a large percentage of affordable, reliable and resilient electricity production in our state, directly impacting thousands of mining jobs that provide the necessary fuel for that production, and force an unnecessary financial burden onto consumers through higher electricity prices. Governor Wolf’s attempt to initiate a job-crushing and consumer-funded carbon tax on all Pennsylvanians will not only hurt the economy,  but will provide a competitive advantage to coal and gas power generation in other states within our regional transmission organization that do not have a tax on their energy.

Pennsylvania has made significant strides in reducing its carbon emissions by nearly 30% since 2009 exceeding goals set by the Governor’s Climate Action Plan and closely matching the reductions in RGGI states, all while operating in a competitive electricity market and without a cap and tax program. Joining RGGI has nothing to do with reducing carbon, but is a tax on Pennsylvanian’s residents and businesses. “




Coal industry remains strong in opposing consumer carbon tax





Please take a moment to contact your elected officials. It only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard.

A carbon tax is a significant public policy proposal and should be debated through proper legislative procedure. Tell your lawmakers to support Senate Bill 950 and House Bill 2025 requiring legislative approval before Pennsylvania is allowed to unilaterally impose a carbon tax that would impose a significant cost on Pennsylvania consumers and businesses.


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